Omega Ocean Big Blue Ceramics Greenwich Mean Time Watch

Omega World Milia Ocean Large Blue Ceramic GMT is probably one of the most descriptive product names – it is a very large and very blue planet ocean. In fact, it is also very expensive. Let’s see where your money is going, if you buy these big, blue, beautiful, expensive things later this year.

Because of the lack of a better analogy, I like to watch the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Blue Giant fully regulated ‘ed-out Audi or BMW, it is based on a model range, you can enter a much lower price point, but this special Specimens have all the latest technology in it. Although its price of more than $10,000 is clearly facing fierce competition from various places, what happened here is enough for me to quickly review the tailor’s Big Blue.

For me, the main takeaway information from this watch I have seen it actually in 2017 Basel is “I must see this blue ceramic expo” in the real world, because I have worn the ceramic before The watch, the working principle of this blue watch is what I want to see in my daily life. From the medium to long term, how long it is, fun, comfortable, quality and versatile, we only know when Cheap Omega Replica Watches starts to launch it. However, now, we will start from the outside and start from the inside to learn about Omega’s latest, which is considered to be the biggest advancement, just in case, and what mobile manufacturing can offer.

The most important thing is to clarify the omega seahorse earth ocean blue big ceramics between GMT time somehow in the image and it looks like it is actually in the real world, you just need to see it from the observation tray I want to say something myself. Because of the blue, especially such a saturated, dark blue, we rarely see quality, durable materials, when you see it only in the image (especially in the official picture etc. we posted this article) I found myself easy to put it Look and feel with plasticky – although you really can’t just make a conclusion from the image.

However, this is far from the truth. The Fake Omega Watches is by no means the lightest in the crowd, and the big blue watch is no exception, because of its large and sturdy ceramic case and frame, and a considerable proportion of automatic movement. In the hands, even the first impression, blue is not only heavy, but also very strong.

Omega did a cool thing and brought a five-piece puzzle showing how the box was made with a solid ceramic block and some other pieces. Unlike the Chanel J12 and almost all other ceramic case watches, Omega’s ceramic case watches do not use a steel core with a thin and relatively fragile ceramic layer. Instead, its outer casing is solid ceramic.

It is not surprising to learn that this technology comes from the Swatch Group’s sister brand and ceramics expert Rado. About five years ago, Rado’s high-chromium ceramics abandoned steel cores because of their injection molding ceramic manufacturing technology. This is not a widely publicized link, but Omega Replica Watches uses the group’s technology to make sense. Fortunately, this is exactly what happened.

Rado’s high-chromium and Omega Replica ceramic manufacturing processes start with a mold that injects “a special zirconium-based powder” into the mold. The light blue big piece that you saw in the upper left corner of the picture above is the box on the stage. It is quite accurate in the final shape of the box and already contains all the openings for the bracelet, side inserts, as well as the crown and pusher (applicable case design). The zirconia injected in the mold will be placed under a high pressure of about 1000 bar, then cooled and taken out of the mold.

At this point, it has been greatly reduced to the size you see in the lower left corner of the image above. Notice how deep it is at the end of the process, which indicates that the material itself is colored throughout its depth. Here, we should note that colored ceramics (especially such large and complex porcelains) are extremely rare in watchmaking.

Monochrome ceramics prevail in white, black or gray tones, because when you start adding pigments, ceramics, and then repeatedly publicly indicating the huge heat of the pigment (this), they react with ceramics, causing surface discoloration and inconsistency and The internal material itself. Often, this leads to an unacceptable amount of rejection that is irreparable, but it takes a lot of effort to produce.

Therefore, the initial high pressure treatment is followed by a sintering process at 1450 degrees Celsius (2642 °F), and the further strengthened and atrophic material is now closer to the final shape and is now more difficult and more scratch resistant.

Omega explained: “For this hard material, it requires diamond tools to add decisive edges and grooves, as well as high pressure oil solution lubrication and cooling. Three hours of plasma treatment at 20,000 ° C furnace for precision laser engraving The road.”

It is pointed out that very impressive is how ω accomplishes about five times the effort of ceramics than steel, the future in the Vickers scale is around 1200 high pressure on 316 l and 904 l steel 180 – 490 high pressure (depending on the compound, and thermal surface treatment) The results of stainless steel vary.) What you see above is the last case on the left before the finish is finished. On the right, the finished product is ready for assembly.

Note how the solid ceramic housing is precision machined. It can contain threaded components without a steel core – in most ceramics (including carbon), there is a steel core with a housing, crown and frame that are threaded. Omega’s big blue planet under the sea has a water resistance of 600 meters, which proves the accuracy of the ceramic shell – an impressive thing.

Even the two crowns, buckles and dials are ZrO2 ceramics, which is unusual, in fact, very comfortable when it comes to external components. Soft to the touch, lacking unpleasant (completely non-luxury) sharp edges, there are some about large-scale buckled neat ceramics – especially since it works equally well in any other material, but won’t leave you an ugly desktop hairline Scratches are worn in a few days.

The ceramic frame features liquid metal numbers that are as sharp as ever, using titanium grey. The first 15-minute “divider’s scale” was covered with orange rubber, and if I remember correctly, its area was covered by laser. Then, the entire frame is covered with orange rubber (as shown above), leaving only the rubber to be ground in the groove. Once you know what it is, it’s actually very appealing to get there, and feel the rubber, once the process is done, it seems magically with the laser sharply performing the ceramic border.

On the wrist, this 45-meter-wide case looks unsurprisingly large, but the soft rubber strap (designed like a woven fabric, but actually all rubber) and a folded strap on the wrist It is very good to ensure its safety. There is no news about the thickness, but considering the extra GMT complications and the depth of 600m, the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Blue is still a huge watch, we can say that it has many wrists. Although the clear reflective surface is not lacking, the white hands and indexes do help to be clear because they are in good contrast to the dial and dial.

The last point about aesthetics, the orange mark on the dial, the border, and especially the strap, I think is a very niche and quite mature taste. Blue is very “popular” now. Of course, first of all, this is a sports watch. I think many potential buyers will want to dress more “fashionable” and more formal at regular intervals. As far as the current situation is concerned, I have not seen the performance of this watch in daily life.

The internal situation is ω’s latest generation of ω Master Astronomical Clock caliber 8906 in line with their METAS-certified internal quality control process, guaranteed to extend to 4 years (for the entire watch, not just sports, of course, and testing 15000 Gauss magnetic field, scientists call Let’s make your watch when your cap can interact with modern electronics.

Omega Sea Star Ocean Blue Ceramics will be priced at 10400 CHF (excluding tax) and will be sold in stores around October 2017. Greenwich Mean Time can be said to be a lot, but then again, you get a completely ceramic in a unique color and the highest technology of mass production of sports makes this one more expensive than your base seahorse ocean planet, interestingly, Almost as new, steel, non-GMT Rolex Sea-Dweller (practice).

The Role of Omega CK2129 in Dunkirk Films and Omega in World War II

Director Christopher Nolan’s attention to detail is legendary, and his latest movie “Dunkirk” has excited many moviegoers. In the film, Tom Hardy, who plays the Royal Air Force pilot, mentions his watch from time to time. Like me, sharp-eyed watch enthusiasts also regard this watch as Cheap Omega Replica Watches. Specifically, this watch is the Omega CK2129, which is the story behind it.

For those readers who are not familiar with the 2017 Dunkirk film, this film tells the story of Dunkirk’s withdrawal during World War II. Dunkirk is the name of a beach in France. In 1940, the Allied forces were trapped there by the Germans and were in desperation.

Reliable time control is an important aspect of war, so watch is a very important tool. They are particularly important for pilots because they rely on watch navigation. In Dunkirk, we can see that Hardy’s character largely depends on his watch, which plays an important role in the movie. (Spurious reminder) This is not a true spoiler, but the most critical role of this watch (perhaps the clearest shot) is that when his fuel gauge is damaged, he lets another pilot read the fuel and Record the time on the aircraft dashboard.

The watch chosen for Hardy’s character is the Omega CK2129. It is appropriate to choose an Omega watch because Swiss Omega Watches is said to provide about half of the watches for the Royal Air Force. In addition, the Omega CK2129 is the most commonly worn Omega watch worn by British Royal Air Force personnel during World War II. It is estimated that during the Second World War, Omega delivered a total of more than 110,000 watches to the British Ministry of Defense to support its army.

The origin of Omega CK2129 appeared in January 1940, shortly after the start of World War II. At that time, the Royal Air Force decided that it needed a watch with a rotating panel and asked Omega Replica Watches to make 2000 such watches. By rotating the baffle, pilots can calculate and calculate time events more easily and accurately. The Omega CK2129 watch was finally delivered in March of the same year.

The Omega CK2129 is designed for ease of use and readability. It has a cream-colored dial, a blue pointer, a huge Arabic time stamp, a large rotating dial, and two oversized crowns. These two huge crowns allow pilots to easily manipulate and turn the watch while wearing gloves. In addition, the second crown at 4 o’clock was used to lock the rotating frame so that it would not misread the time by accidental collisions inside the aircraft cabin.

The Omega CK2129 is powered by Omega Caliber 23.4 SC, a hand-wound movement that was used in many other Fake Omega Watches models at the time. Its most notable is its central second hand, which is useful for timing short events under a minute. It beats at 2.5 Hz and has an energy reserve of about 40 hours.

The CK2129 is not the only watch Omega offers to the British Army. In the early years of World War II, the CK2129 was very popular among RAF pilots and was widely used, but the difference in the world’s most widely used watch would eventually be attributed to the Omega CK2292.

Like the previous CK2129, the Omega CK2292 is also designed for legibility. This is a fairly large watch. Its time is about 33 millimeters. There is an easy-to-read blue pointer and a huge Arabic time stamp on a creamy dial. The difference with CK2129 is exercise. Omega CK2292 uses a more sophisticated calibre of 30T2 and performed well in the Observatory’s test. With the new alloy used in the balance spring, the Calibre 30T2 is also more resistant to magnetic fields, which is especially beneficial for pilots of hurricanes and Spitfire fighters who sit near powerful engines and generate huge magnetic fields.

During the Second World War, Omega Replica continued to supply watches. After the war, Omega provided the soldiers with a CK2444 watch. It has a waterproof case that makes it useful for combat troops at the beach and at sea, and it uses the same highly reliable caliber 30T2 as the previous CK2292. Due to its waterproof casing, the Ministry of Defense engraved the word “w – w” on the back of the shell of the Omega CK2444 watch. w stands for “waterproof watch.”

Among them, CK2444 is obvious. Because it is used by the general armed forces and not by the Air Force, it is only equipped with a central second hand and has an auxiliary second hand. It also has a black dial. Nevertheless, it is still legible due to its thick sword-shaped hands and white Arabic-sized markers.

In this regard, it goes without saying that the role of Omega in World War II is important – of course, other watch manufacturers have also played an important role, but this is a longer story of another article. In addition, for Omega, their participation in the war also helped them improve their watchmaking skills and improve their manufacturing techniques and processes. This will help them create such iconic works as “Speed ​​Master” and “Voyager”. We all know that the former passed the NASA certification and became the first watch on the moon.

At the same time, Dunkirk also consolidated the reputation of director Nolan. He paid attention to details. In addition to Dunkirk searching for Hardy’s Omega CK2129 watch, Nolan also reportedly told Harry Stiles, who played a British soldier in the film, that he had misplaced his boot’s shoelaces. Soldiers of that era would use it. Different ways to tie them together. We can also assume that Nolan was a “gatekeeper” because he also used mechanical watches as the centerpiece of his previous blockbusters, just as we noticed when we saw Hamilton watches in the movie Interstellar.

But more importantly, Dunkirk is a great movie. Of all the movies I watched this summer, it’s easy to be listed as one of the best films. In fact, I can even say that this is one of the best war movies ever. The appearance of the Omega CK2129 is certainly a nice addition, but most importantly, Dunkirk is a true and beautiful shot. If you haven’t caught it yet, grab it.