aBlogtoWatch EVENT: Celebrating Modern And Vintage Omega Watches In Los Angeles On December 20, 2014

As a holiday audience for Los Angeles, California, we invited the first batch of people who could return to join us and Omega Replica Watches to perform “Omega Crawl” on December 20th and have dinner at Beverly Hills. The space is limited to less than 20 people, so we encourage interested Los Angeles area watch enthusiasts to take action as soon as possible.

The event on Saturday, December 20th will begin after the valet parking service at the Beverly Center, where everyone will meet at 4 Beverly Blvd, 90048 Beverly Center on Beverly Avenue at 4 o’clock. Guests will join key members of the Cheap Omega Replica Watches team to discuss and experience contemporary Omega watches and watch exclusive watchmaking and technical presentations. From there, we will leave the Omega store and take the shuttle to Jackmond, Beverly Hills – a small boutique that is almost exclusively used for vintage Omega Replica timepieces and souvenirs – and whisky tasting. Jackmond is an amazing space where guests will meet with owner Jack Cole Sandy to learn about the many interesting Omegas he has acquired over the years and the incredible knowledge of the brand’s history.

After watching the modern and vintage Fake Omega Watches (and some good whiskies), we will have a private dinner at the crustacean restaurant in Beverly Hills around 8pm. Space is very limited, so to be part of the aBlogtoWatch&Omega event on December 20, 2014, please reply to [email protected]

Omega Speedmaster White Side Of The Moon Table

2015 is definitely a year of Omega Ceramics Speedmaster – we don’t complain. This bright white trumpet is the new Omega Speedmaster White Moon. In 2013, Cheap Omega Replica Watches released the Omega Speedmaster Dark Of Of Moon (this is a blog observation review), which is a surprising (and enduring) hot product, the new Omega Speedmaster coaxial chronograph and interior The 9300 movement is made of a black ceramic casing. Omega Dark Of Of Moon is sporty, invisible and very sexy – even for those who are not traditional Omega fans, it quickly becomes “Omega”.

So how will Omega respond to this success? Of course, look at the more side of the moon. In 2014, Omega Replica Watches launched the Supermaster plasma gray ceramic version with the Omega Speedmaster Grey Side Of Of Moon (hands here). Please note that the Omega Speedmaster Grey Side Of Of Moon was originally called “Lunar Dust”. It naturally means that in 2015 we will get the white side of the white ceramic Omega Speedmaster. This is cool, I don’t even think it’s important to have no real “white” side of the moon. I prefer the “Speedmaster Light Side of the Moon.” Oh, well, it didn’t change this fun summer sports watch.

The Omega Speedmaster Coaxial Chronograph is not a newcomer to white ceramics. In fact, I hope that the Omega Super White Moon will be better than the previous one. In 2012, Fake Omega Watches first introduced the white version of the Speedmaster coaxial chronograph (I am here), and I have never commercialized it as far as I know. I really like this model, but I agree that the Omega Super White Moon and white ceramic dial and bezel inlay match the all-white zirconia case for better results. It is entirely possible that in 2012 the world is not ready for the White Super. My understanding is that since then, wearing a white men’s sports watch has finally become very cool (I personally have said that this watch has been more than five years – so, pat on the back, Ariel).

The Omega Speedmaster White Side Of Moon has the same housing dimensions as the other Speedmaster coaxial chronographs and measures 44.25mm. The white ceramic face is equipped with 18k white gold hands and hour markers (they eventually look better than steel over time). Unlike the 2012 White Super Watch, the Omega Speedmaster white side dial has some popular red on the dial – this is a secondary, although I like the welcome design choice. Too much monotheism is not always good.

Inside the Speedmaster, the White Side Of The Moon is an in-house Omega Replica 9300 automatic chronograph movement with two aligned small sub-dial that can track up to 12 hours of chronograph with just two small dials. Its date is 6 o’clock, and the beautifully decorated movement can be seen through the bowl-shaped sapphire crystal case back – one of the best in the industry. A white crocodile leather strap accents the case with red stitching on the lining. I certainly think this is a cool look, but there are three versions that may only have too many choices for the ceramic Omega Speedmaster series, unless you have enough money to buy them.

Sadly, it seems that Best Omega Replica Watches does not include the Master Co-Axial diamagnetic feature in the 9300 movement series – we promise to achieve this in 2017. The Speedmaster White Side Of Of Moon looks great looking at the original Dark and Subsequent versions of the Grey Side version – proves that Speedmaster is by far one of the most versatile, aesthetically pleasing watches. This reference price 311. Omega Speedmaster White Side Moon Watch is 10,800 Swiss Francs – the same as “DSotM”.