Omega Announces The Launch Of The Diamagnetic 8508 Watch Movement

Omega recently announced that they have designed an anti-magnetic watch movement based on the internal coaxial 8500 series. The 8508 movement is made of a special non-ferrous material and is not affected by magnetic energy up to 1.5 Tesla (15,000 Gauss). Omega Replica Watches uses the Aqua Terra platform to show the movement, because the 8508 does not rely on the traditional iron shell for magnetic protection. This non-ferrous metal structure protects the movement from considerable magnetic interference while still being visible through the back of the display cabinet.

The news from Omega Replica is eye-catching because their two main competitors, IWC and Rolex, are designed to withstand magnetic fields and protect the accuracy of the movement. At present, Rolex Milgauss may not be surprisingly able to withstand up to 1,000 Gauss or about 1/15 of this new Omega movement. IWC uses different units and amps per meter of A/m to measure the effective protection of its engineers. As far as I know, Gauss is a measure of magnetic induction, and Ampere (A / m) is a measure of actual magnetization and is part of the International System of Systems series. The two units do not measure the same parameters, but 1000 Gauss is equal to 80,000 A m, so the new Ingenieur 3239 boasts 40,000 A / m close to 500 Gauss (its resistance is already eight times the ISO 764 definition).

Omega demonstrated the performance by making the movement reach 15,000 gauss of magnetic energy, and the accuracy of the movement did not change. In contrast, this magnetism will block ordinary traditional watches and have a huge negative impact on their future timing. I have seen the effect of light magnetization on the ability of the watch to accurately maintain time. The end result is that the watch watchmaker has degaussed the watch. The concept of an almost magnetically impervious watch is quite cool, absolutely practical, and will be very expensive when the movement arrives at the production model later this year. With the fingers crossed, the Aqua Terra produced by Best Omega Replica Watches is as seen in the photo, because I prefer the stylish seconds hand and the yellow text on the dial.

Omega Sochi Petrograd Limited Edition Art Deco Watch 2014 Olympics

Omega Replica Watches is the long-term official timer for the Olympic Games, and it has released another limited edition watch to commemorate the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. This special vintage redwork is called Omega Sochi Petrograd Limited Edition, which is unique and comparable to the existing Art Deco Omega watch of 1915. The first limited edition Sochi Olympic watch is the Planet Ocean watch. Omega has always provided more than one limited edition watch for each new Olympic Games. Interestingly, Omega Sochi Petrograd (except for its history) is a more unique timepiece, not just a special brand version currently produced by Omega, but a renaissance of the old limited edition (based on classics).

We have actually seen the historical model of the Omega Sochi Petrograd limited edition watch based on the Omega Replica Museum in Switzerland. In the typical 1910s and 1920s, the style of the barrel style was developed in the era when watchmakers tried to surpass the round watch. In this era, watches are new, and consumers are unique in that in addition to the round watches they are used to, there are small pocket watches on watches, as well as barrels (barrels) or squares (and rectangles). Watch. This is a great experimental period, and one of the main reasons for having a rectangular or barrel table is to provide a more reasonable way to connect the strap. Early watches had a relatively clumsy lug system. As you can see, this watch features a hinged lug system that is undoubtedly better on a flatter rounded surface.

The Omega Sochi Petrograd limited edition watch will feature an 18K yellow gold case with a burgundy strap (for retro themes). The dimensions are 32 mm wide, 47 mm high and 13 mm thick. The dial is the best part, not only the red you often see on the Cheap Omega Replica Watches limited edition Olympic watches, but also the colors of the Russian flag. It is hard not to enjoy the Arabic numerals as an indicator of the Art Deco era. The Omega 2202 automatic coaxial movement is used inside the watch. This is basically an improved ETA 2895 (small second hand) with a coaxial escapement. As a good accidental watch, Omega will produce 100 limited edition Omega Sochi Petrograd Olympics 2014 watches. The price is $18,600.