Omega President Stephen Urquhart Announced His Retirement And Was Replaced By Raynald Aeschlimann

According to Bloomberg News, Stephen Urquhart is about to resign as president of Omega after 16 years of leading the Cheap Omega Replica Watches brand of Swatch Group AG. According to the Swatch Group’s statement today, Urquhart, who will be 70 years old at the end of May, will do some special projects and consulting work for the company. The one who will succeed him will be Leonard Escleman.

Urquhart’s career actually began in Omega in 1969, and six years later he left Omega and joined Audemars Piguet. After working there for 15 years, he became the chairman of the company. He left the Associated Press in 1989, joined the Jaeger-LeCoultre Group (Jiajia Group), and later joined Blancpain, eventually returning to Omega in 1999. Interestingly, this is also the first year that Omega Replica Watches has launched a watch with coaxial motion equipment. With this new movement and Urquhart’s direction, the success story of the 21st century Omega has begun.

However, the fans of the brand don’t have to worry too much, because not only Urquhart will continue to advise the brand, but Raynald Aeschlimann, who will take over as CEO, is also a brand veteran. He has 20 years of experience as vice president of sales at Omega Replica. Aeschlimann will officially take over as Omega President on June 1, 2016.

His previous challenges include further development of ωMETAS-certified internal campaigns and introduction of their increasingly wide range of products, overcoming the increasingly difficult market conditions, demand from China, the company’s main market, and last but not least, possible It’s a key issue for ω fans – keeping the brand on the right track, achieving a right and sustainable balance between respecting Omega’s long history and developing new and exciting products.

With Stephen Urquhart retiring from Fake Omega Watches in June 2016, an era is definitely over, but we look forward to seeing Raynald Aeschlimann (Raynald Aeschlimann) Under the supervision of the Omega, what will happen in the future.

Omega Olympics Watches And Historical Exhibitions In Santa Clara At CH Premier

From July 23 to August 5, 2016, visit the CH Premier Jewelers in Santa Clara, Calif., and see the Omega Olympics Historical Exhibition. The Olympics is the pinnacle of international sports competitions, attracting athletes and spectators from more than 200 countries. In August this year, the Summer Olympics will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and Swiss watch manufacturer Cheap Omega Replica Watches will return to the 27th time as the official timekeeper of the Olympic Games.

Since 1932, Omega’s timekeeping professionals have provided perfect timing for the best players in the world at almost all Olympic Games. Omega has been constantly innovating and innovating timing technology to develop smarter, more accurate timing technologies. Omega has made significant progress from the 30-second stopwatch in the 1930s. Omega Replica Watches will carry 450 tons of equipment to participate in the 2016 Rio Olympics.

To celebrate the glorious history of Omega as the official timekeeper of the Olympic Games and to prepare for Rio 2016 in 2016, CH Premier Jewelers and Omega Replica invite you to watch the evolution of timing technology. The exhibition will showcase the antique clocks and timing instruments of the Omega Museum.

This chrome-plated timer is installed at the Omega Museum and was used in 1953 for athletics, swimming, cycling, skiing, speed skating, tobogganing, rowing and kayaking. May be 1/10 seconds.

This is a model created for the Melbourne XVIth Olympics in Australia to celebrate the 25-year uninterrupted Olympics since 1932. This watch features a enamel dial, a gold-draft bracelet and a large gold application index. There are also prominent “dogleg” earrings on the box, and the Olympic Cross is engraved on the back of the box.

This chrome-plated timer is worn on the shoulder and is created with a red protective case to prevent accidental stopping of the timer. This model was widely used at the 1968 Mexico Olympics. Sports include athletics, swimming, skiing, cross-country skiing, water skiing, tobogganing, art skating, speed skating, cycling, horse racing, rowing and kayaking.

A tailoring model designed for the 1994 Winter Olympics in Lillehammer, Norway. Omega is an official timekeeper for the athletes of the Swiss Olympic team. Fake Omega Watches also sells a limited edition watch exclusively in Switzerland, with the white dial printed with the logo of the Swiss Olympic team.

The problem with traditional pistols is that sound is slower than light. This means that players closest to the pistol have a bit of an advantage because they hear the departure signal a few seconds before others. Best Omega Replica Watches developed and streamlined E-GUN consisting of a flash gun and sound production box. The speakers are placed behind each racer so that everyone can hear the start signal at the same time. When the actuator presses the trigger, it “plays” a sound, emits a flash, and gives the timing device a start pulse.

In order to welcome the upcoming Summer Olympics, Omega has launched a new limited edition of Rio de Janeiro to introduce their legendary sewing and speed masters – they are absolutely amazing. They said that wearing such clothes is like jumping into the “cidade maravilhosa – the rhythm of Rio de Janeiro’s music.” This vibrant trilogy pays homage to the host city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and demonstrates the subtle harmony between the city’s beauty, the Omega spirit and the Olympic culture.

We invite you to explore the rich heritage of Omega as the official timekeeper of the Olympic Games, collecting antique clocks and timing instruments since 1930. The exhibition will be on display at the CH Premier Jewelers Omega store for a while.