With Omega Nautical Star Ocean Skyfall Limited Edition

Omega Replica ocean is the ideal companion, it is solid, beautiful and accurate. This is a preparation for action. So, on the wrist of 007, it went to the latest Bond movie “007: Skyfall”, which is released today. In order to celebrate this moment, Omiou released a limited edition PO, whose theme is some visual nod. Today, we will personally experience Bond’s latest model.

First, we must review the Best Omega Replica Watches last Bond limited edition watch that we showed you earlier this year. Some people feel that their “007” dial and the given rotor have missed the target. It seems that Omniou has taken a step back and has deliberately exercised restraint in the latest attempt at the Bond theme watch. You will find it difficult to find the link between the two at a glance and you will find it elsewhere, but at 7:00.

The first thing you will notice is that this “bond” is a grid-like black dial, which means to recall the grill of a landmark British sports car. This dial raises the watch beyond your expectations. In fact, you may prefer this watch, not the ordinary PO. If you’re a Bond fan, it’s just icing on the cake.

Bond’s clues can be found in some places. The most noticeable is the “007” mark applied at 7 o’clock, which integrates into dialing without feeling forcing. The decorative movement of the rotor is an engraved “Skyfall 007” badge, which is neither here nor there, but it does not hinder the view of the active 8507 movement. In addition, the buttons on the bracelet saw the sign of joining “007” to keep the Cheap Omega Replica Watches symbol company.

This watch deserves careful study. Coaxial 8507 movement is easily the same as anything else on this price bracket, and it seems to be the business to start. The size of this box is exactly 42mm, and the ceramic border makes it look smaller. If you have been watching Fake Omega Watches Diving Watches recently, you will know how good lume is. With that huge dial, you have a very tempting package, a Bond fan.

Letter from the Editor: Why the 1948 Sailor is My Favorite Basel World

Omega Replica has a lot to say in the world of Basel. They showed us the new earth marine ceramic watch boxes and new movements. They showed us the new Speedmaster coaxial chronograph movement, and the ladies electric automatic way is a major event for women. It represents a real female watch. A serious movement in a hell.

But for me, the most interesting version of Omio is something else – a sailor like the first sailor in 1948. This watch is an Olympic-themed watch, which was decided by the pure coincidence of 1948 when London last hosted the Olympics. It was also the “year of the sailor”.

The watch’s dial layout is the same as that of the original tailor. The size is 38mm (38mm is a new trend, by the way?) Inside is the magical coaxial movement of Fake Omega Watches. It is on an alligator strap. The reason I like this watch is that it is a classic Omeco at every point, but it has a very modern level. This is the modern Best Omega Replica Watches I want to wear.

However, this watch is both Olympic-themed cartridges and boxed. I like this watch, but I don’t think the Olympic Games connection will bring more benefits to it. In fact, I think that without it, the watch will become more powerful. I have no doubt that ω can sell this watch to those who have some kind of upcoming Olympic Games, but I think this watch has the potential to become the object of global desire, and the eyes of antique Cheap Omega Replica Watches fans caught may not have fallen in love with some of them. Modern mixture. However, this is a great watch for the Olympics and all.

This Omega sailor’s 1948 Olympics watch will be released this summer and will be released in 1,948 pieces. The estimated price will be around $6,800.